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SOLAR ROLLER ® is the only product that  ROLLS COVERS on FREEFORM POOLS!

HOW DO WE DO IT? By rolling half the cover at a time, "In Sections, Like Pieces of a Puzzle!" It is our vision to one day revolutionize pool cover distribution so that dealers will begin to stock covers in more modular 1/2 cover sizes of 14-20ft squares, rather than the current impractical system of stocking or special ordering from +50 full cover sizes, so you can get what you want, when you want it!   But for now, just buy a full size cover from your favorite dealer and split it...

Whole Covers TOO BIG,  Sun Rings TOO SMALL,  Half Covers JUST RIGHT!

A few years ago the Sun Rings alternative "mini pool covers" came into the market and many retail and online stores are carrying them, but this product can bunch up at the end of the pool on windy days, are slow to fish out of the pool so you likely will never see a video of how they work the way we showcase how the Solar Roller rolls in just seconds. The Sun Rings initially sold like hotcakes, and stack on your pool deck the same way, and even though admittedly they are cute, dealers say they have experienced customer returns of the product. On the other hand, our product the Solar Roller enjoys almost no returns and has a high customer satisfaction rate because it's easy to use and rolls in seconds. 

The Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

The benefits of having a solar blanket cover are indisputable! Besides heating the pool a typical 8-10 additional degrees which greatly extends the swimming pool season, a solar pool cover pays for itself in REDUCED WATER EVAPORATION, chemical and cleaning costs alone.

You own a beautiful and expensive backyard pool that requires constant upkeep to clean and keep chemically balanced. You either pay for swimming pool maintenance, or purchase chemicals at your local pool shop and spend hundreds of dollars over say three years. In addition, you spend hours and hours over three years cleaning the pool.

At current prices, a typical solar cover costs under $200 dollars, is easy to cut and install, and lasts about 2-4 years depending on the degree of care.

Benefits of a solar blanket cover:

  • REDUCES EVAPORATION saving you on your water bill and helping the environment
  • KEEPS OUT DEBRIS that greatly consumes chemicals and stains the pool
  • COVERS THE POOL to greatly reducing chemical breakdown caused by direct sunlight
  • HEATS DURING THE DAY to enjoy your beautiful pool that just sits there if it is too cold to use
  • BLANKETS DURING THE NIGHT so you don't loose all the heat collected during the day

Introducing the Breakthrough

Until now, FREEFORM POOLS have been left out in the cold. Why? The problem is YOUR THINKING! that you need to cover the whole pool with a FULL POOL COVER. Well, WE"VE SOLVED THAT PROBLEM because we Roll HALF THE COVER AT A TIME by splitting the cover into sections like pieces of a puzzle. Using HALF POOL COVERS you can accommodate almost ANY SHAPE POOL.

Some day Half Pool Covers will come in just 4-5 Sizes

Stores some day will only need to STOCK 4-5 SIZES that you mix & match to the halves of your pool, rather than the 50+ or more sizes for whole pool covers. This also means stores will NEVER BE OUT OF STOCK, so you can get what you want, when you want it!

Because we solved the problem, now pool owners can do their part to SAVE WATER and have WARM WATER too. Did you know it only takes around 200 POOLS using a pool cover to SAVE AN ENTIRE CITY TANK OF PRECIOUS WATER!

The patented SOLAR ROLLER ® Pool Cover Remover is the only device in the world to work on FREEFORM POOLS and is an affordable alternative to unsightly deck reels that take up valuable deck space around your pool. With this product, all you need is the water. Freeform pools are easily accommodated. Raised walls and pool coves pose no problem.

How Does It Work?

Our Split-Cover System™ Rolls Half the Cover at a Time Like Pieces of a Puzzle, in sections up to "20x20" for almost any custom shaped pool UP TO 20x40ft. The Solar Roller ® Cover Stick™ Pool Cover Remover is made of ultra-light but extra-strong specialized telescopic aluminum roller tubes that are designed to assemble easy out-of-the-box, no tools required. Just split your cover, fold the section in two so you can find the middle, and insert the roller tube which is buttoned to the underside of the cover. Tubes once fastened to the covers are always ready to go, and are completely hidden.

So What Are You Waiting For? Stop Struggling!

The Solar Roller ® Pool Cover Remover is so fast and easy because is rolls shapes independently. This means for instance, kidney shaped swimming pools are divided into independent shapes and the rollers are installed under the swimming pool cover at the middle of the shape.  The Free-floating Solar Rollers become part of the cover, not the pool. By popping on the crank handle, in a few turns, and in just seconds, you have rolled that shape right on the muss, no fuss!

Split-Cover System™

As previously mentioned, the ingenious Patented Split-Cover System works by creating shapes. By splitting any standard solar blanket, in the middle, the Solar Roller system overcomes the bottlenecks of Custom Shaped pools... bottlenecks that restrict the operation of traditional deck reel systems. And, because you are working with just half the cover at a time, removal is much more's like putting your groceries in two bags instead of one!

Then by installing Solar Roller tubes across the center of each solar blanket shape, the Solar Roller ® quickly rolls and unrolls each solar blanket shape independently on the water. Rollers are permanently attached across the underside of the solar blankets, and being so lightweight, float with the cover when not in use.

To Lighten the Load...

Then to lighten the load, by raising up the crank handle end to slightly incline the roll, the water quickly drains out the other end to allow swift and easy maneuvering and removal to either the end of the pool (can be left rolled in the water to keep it splash cool), up on deck, or anywhere you like as long as it is out of the direct sun.

A typical drained roll weighs about 25 pounds or less and can be held easily in both hands. Rolling only half the solar cover at a time is the key to easy removal and replacement of the solar blanket. And when not in use, the Solar Roller floats nicely out of sight being installed to the underside of the solar cover.

What You Get...

The Solar Roller Pool Cover Remover® has been painstakingly designed to be modular in assembly, easy to install without tools, and able to be parcel shipped right to your front door, or purchased direct from your participating local pool store.

ASK YOUR DEALER! If your local pool shop is not yet carrying the product, just have them give us a call at 877- 882-7602 and we will get the unit out to them immediately, anywhere in the country. And let them know that they can stock HALF COVERS in only 4 SIZES with this affordable one-size-fits-all product. Again, we are the only product in the world that rolls 1/2 pool covers!

Taking the product out of the package, the current design consists of multiple telescopic 42" adjustable tube lengths that easily couple together to build out to varying widths of Custom Shaped swimming pools.

Each package consists of:

  • Set of instructions plus a sizing chart to easily build rollers to various adjustable lengths
  • 14 tubes that interconnect to provide 42ft of tubing for two full rollers
  • Full set of tube collars to sheild the tube ends
  • Full set of tube connection bushings that interlock the tubes together according to instruction chart
  • Attachment fasteners to easily button the Solar Rollers to the underside of the solar blanket
  • Spring buttons to engage the crank handles
  • Two cranking handles that pop into the end of the Solar Roller tube to roll on the surface of the water
Return Policy: Solar Factory Pool Products is so pleased to offer the remarkable Solar Roller Pool Cover Remover to you we are providing a 30 day satisfaction guarantee , and a 5 year limited warranty . If during the first 30 days you have used the system properly and are not happy, just email us for refund authorization instructions on where to return the product (shipping not included). You will also see the Return Policy during the order checkout process.

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