Rolls Covers in Sections like Pieces of a Puzzle

Q: How does it work?

A: Traditional full covers are cookie cut to the entire pool. We take it one step further by splitting the cover again at the bottleneck or bend in the pool to fit free-form pools up to L-Shapes. Each half cover gets it's own integrated roller.

Q: Where do you split the cover?

A: Spread out the cover and cookie cut to the pool using the inside deck edge as a guide, just as you would install the full size covers. The additional step for our system is to split the cover at the bottleneck or bend in the pool.

Q: How are rollers attached?

A: Using our specialized fasteners, rollers are easily installed to the underside of each half cover spanning across the middle making the cover and roller one unit. Then just pop on the crank handle and roll each half directly on the water, one size fits all adjustable tube lengths fasten directly to the undersides of each cover section.

Q: Do the rollers attach to the pool?

A: No, the rollers do not span beyond the edge of the cover and free-float with the cover. Rollers are completely supported by the buoyancy of the bubble cover so there is nothing on or around your deck. You don't even need a deck.

Q: Do the rollers work for above-ground pools?

A: Yes, because rollers do not need a deck, they not only work with above-ground pools, but portable soft-sided pools that are very popular and have no roller solution.

Q: How hard is it to roll?

A: Easy enough for anyone to roll in under 30 seconds.

Q: What do you do with the rolls?

A: Tilting the rolls as you wind it up drains the heavy water out the end to weigh less than 30 lbs (or a 3 yr old child). Once the water drains, just move the rolls off somewhere into the shade, or leave them in the pool along the edge to stay nice and cool to take all the work out of it, plus making it a snap to cover the pool again.

Q: How do you cover up the pool again?

A: Just push the roll 1/2 into the pool, and pull open the sheet 1/2 way. You're almost done, just slide into position and un-crank to finish. Everything glides easily on the water and the tubes keep the cover from bunching up. It takes less than 30 seconds a side.

Q: Are there any safety issues?

A: As a safety measure, always roll BOTH sections of the solar cover. In contrast to larger full covers that can engulf or entrap a person or animal, splitting the solar cover and placing the tubes across the smaller sections may make solar covers safer because the spanning tubes add a ridge of support across the smaller solar cover sections. In addition, the split-cover opens right up if you or an animal were to walk or fall onto the cover, and the spanning tubes may even provide something else to grab on to. In this way we believe we have helped to make solar covers safer.

Q: What does the package weigh and how big is it?

A: Because we designed the system to be easy to ship and stock, the 4 size telescoping tubes (including over 42ft of tube) packs down to a box size of only 43x5x3 inches and weighs only 8.2lbs. For Dealers, we distribute by the case (six units), so a shippable case weighs only 48lbs for an easy to stock case size of 44x10x8 inches. One pallet can hold 20 cases.

Q: Is there a warranty and return policy?

A: Solar Factory Pool Products is so pleased to offer the remarkable Solar Roller Pool Cover Remover to you we are providing a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and a 5 year limited warranty. If during the first 30 days you have used the system properly and are not happy, just email us for refund authorization instructions on where to return the product (shipping not included). See warranty for more information.

Q: Are there any other products?

A: Yes, some customers were asking for a caddy, so we made the Solar Caddy™ that comes with caddy and two off season storage covers and Velcro cinch straps.