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Solar Cover & Roller Installation Tutorial



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How To Install the Solar Cover

To install a solar blanket, simply layout the rectangular blanket over the entire surface or the pool. Smooth out the blanket to remove all ripples and let it set for a while.

Then pull the cover semi-taught along the entire pool edge so the cover is about 45 degrees off the water to the pool edge. You are now going to cut the cover like a cookie-cutter using the inside of the pool edge as a guide. Next, taking a sharp cutting tool, cut along the pool edge and let the cover fall just up against the inside of the pool, yet trimmed enough so the cover does not lay against the pool edge. The objective is to match the cover to the exact surface dimensions of the water and not drag against the pool edge when rolling the cover.

Be extremely careful and cautious not to cut the liner of above-ground or vinyl lined pools.

Example of a cover that's too wrinkled

wrinkled solar blanket

A cover that's wrinkled like this is four times more difficult to roll. As you use the Solar Roller, over time the rolling smooths out the wrinkles. Prior to use however you want to use your pool broom to smooth out the wrinkles and air pockets to prevent the cover from having creases set in. As you can see in this photo, some covers are poorly made from the factory where the seams "heat shrink" and buckle during the hot overlap seaming process on a cold floor. If you have a cover with buckled seams call the cover maker to talk to them about it. The seams should be smooth.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT COVER SAFETY! As a safety measure, always roll BOTH sections of the solar cover. In contrast to larger full covers that can engulf or entrap a person or animal, splitting the solar cover and placing the tubes across the smaller sections may make solar covers safer because the spanning tubes add a ridge of support across the smaller solar cover sections. In addition, the split-cover opens right up if you or an animal were to walk or fall onto the cover, and the spanning tubes may even provide something else to grab on to. In this way we believe we have helped to make solar covers safer.

Additional Quickstart Instructions

Easy to Install, Here's the Simple 1,2,3 ..

  1. Split the cover into two sections.
  2. Build the proper length rollers according to the tube length chart.
  3. Fold the covers in two and insert the rollers like the photo below.
  4. Insert the fasteners through cover into the bushing holes.

To Install, Fold 1/2 Covers in Middle and Slip in Rollers

Then Attach Rollers with Custom Removable Fasteners

Rolls Up Compact, Fast, and Easy in Just 15 Seconds!

To Cover, Just Pull Open Roll and Slide Back Into Pool

Best of All, IT DOES THE JOB!



Price:  $197.50


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