David Hoff's Vision for Solar Covers

David Hoff Newspaper Story 1990Years ago David Hoff started Solar Factory Pool Products to provide consumers the first ever breakthrough "modular" system for solar pool covers, and to make a difference in the fight for water conservation by selling owners of backyard swimming pools a highly useful device called the free-floating Solar Roller ® Pool Cover Remover that helps pool owners manage their solar cover.

The affordable Solar Roller ® is revolutionary because it employs a completely different method of rolling the buoyant solar covers directly on the water in sections like pieces of a puzzle rather than tugging the whole cover on deck with an expensive deck reel. Utilizing a modular approach to roll covers in "sections" allows owners of odd-shape pools (that can't use a deck reel) to now easily own a solar cover, which is about 70% of all swimming pools.

Because millions of pools now have a solution for handling these once bulky solar covers, the patented Solar Roller ® invention is arguably the most important breakthrough in water conservation ever to come to the swimming pool industry.

Simply stated, solar covers SAVE WATER! They not only heat your pool during the day, and hold the heat in during the night so you can swim in the morning and enjoy an extended swim season, but solar pool covers reduce water evaporation by up to 90%, and chemical usage by up to 70%. Yet because covers are such a "hassle" to muscle on and off the pool without a way to roll them, less than 30% of all backyard swimming pools have been able to handle these bulky solar covers...until now.

So why aren't all pools using a cover? Again, the overwhelming limitation to cover usage is that historically the only device sold for handling solar pool covers has been the deck reel, an expensive bulky towel rack like device that sits at the end of the pool consuming valuable deck space. The problem with deck reels is they do not handle curvy free-form pool covers very well, or pools with limited or no deck space, but for the most part are only good for rectangular inground or oval/round aboveground pools. All the other custom free-form pools have been simply put, LEFT OUT IN THE COLD.

The other barrier to getting a product like this into the hands of consumers is that the major wholesale distributors are loyal to the big brand deck reels and do not want another low cost (low profit) affordable device displacing these deck reels aggressively protected by the manufacturers of said reels. They seem to miss the fact that they can increase sales of covers fourfold supplying the untapped market of consumers with a new way to roll their covers.  Ultimately then it is the consumer that is hurt, and not only the consumer but "water water everywhere" is going up in the air "and none to drink!"

That said, as stated before, less than 30% of all backyard swimming pools have a solution for taking the covers on and off the pool; which is much like having invented breakthrough inflatable rubber tires for the auto industry, but no jack to remove them forcing you to tow your car to the shop. And in the wake of water shortages in many parts of the country there is a pressing need to require pools to conserve water with a pool cover, yet nothing really has been offered as a practical solution for handling these covers...again, until now.

For all those millions of pools without a jack, David Hoff's innovative patented and trademarked Solar Roller ® Pool Cover Remover is the only means on the market to assist the removal and handling of covers for pools that can't use a deck reel.

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David Hoff, Inventor CEO
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