solar roller, solar cover
Rolls Covers in 15 Seconds!

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Solar Roller ®

solar roller, solar cover

If you've ever owned a solar cover you know what a hassle removing them can be. The Solar Roller ® CoverStick takes the hassle out of owning a solar blanket because it rolls covers in sections like pieces of a puzzle. Overcomes bottlenecks in most odd-shape pools or pools that can't use a traditional deck reel.


Solar Spa Stick™

solar roller, solar cover

Seeing how easy the Solar Roller could handle a pool cover rolling directly on the water, many people asked, "why don't we have something like that for the inground spa too?" Realizing spa covers can be a hassle, we developed the SpaStick ™ to handle your spa cover quick and easy, while you stay dry...


Solar Cover Info

solar roller, solar cover
Solar Cover Benefits
Solar covers heat your pool 10-15 degrees, and reduce evaporation by up to 90%.
solar roller, solar cover
Solar Cover Installation
Easy to follow instructions for installing a solar cover and solar roller.
solar roller, solar cover
Solar Cover Rebates
Cites are offering solar cover rebates.
solar roller, solar cover
Solar Caddy™ Accessory
The Solar Roller Solar Caddy & Storage Covers to tote your solar covers to keep your solar cover stored in the off season.



Pool builders know that even if they give away a free solar cover with a swimming pool the pool owner likely will use it a few times and it will end up as a heap in the corner of the yard, never to be used again. Why? Because pool covers are a big hassle to get on and off the pool. 

Yet the benefits of covering your pool are many. Solar covers not only heat the pool by 10-15 degrees, they also save on water bills reducing pool water evaporation by up to 90% (or more). Plus, they reduce the need for pool chemicals.  All the home owner needs is an easy way to roll the cover...

The Solar Roller Advantage


Many pools have limited deck space, or because most freeform pool designs are not able to use traditional deck reels, these pools are left out in the cold. This is where the Solar Roller® rocks! Our patented Split-Cover System™ rolls covers directly on the water in sections like pieces of a puzzle, in under 30 seconds.  

The advantage of this modular approach is bends or bottlenecks in the pool design are easily overcome. Plus rolling the pool cover in sections is like putting your groceries in two bags instead of one to make that bulky solar cover light and easy to handle. Each roll after the water drains out the end weighs typically under 30 pounds. Our system rolls directly on the water using the buoyancy of the cover for support, so there's nothing on your deck. The tubes are freefloating with the cover so the Solar Roller® works with inground and aboveground pools, even soft sided pools, because the only thing it attaches to is the cover!

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